Home Turnover & Market Prep Cleaning

Home Turnover & Market Prep Cleaning

Real Estate Cleaning Services

Are you a renter whose lease is about to end? Are you buying or selling a home? What are you doing to ensure that your home is clean and ready to be sold or turned over?

These cleanings vary based on how the homeowners have maintained a home. Our basic home turnover cleaning will include some or all of the following: Full clean of bathrooms includes tub, shower, sinks, toilets, floors, mirrors, light fixtures, baseboards, inside & out of cabinets and cupboards. Full clean of kitchen includes inside and out of cabinets (exterior wood washed and oiled), inside and out of all appliances including oven and refrigerator, countertops, sink and floor.

Full clean of other rooms includes vacuum carpet, clean hard surface floors, dust window sills, spot clean walls and ceilings, clean doors, baseboards, door and window frames, light fixtures and wipe electrical face plates.

The client may modify the cleaning task list based on budgetary considerations and/or the condition of the home.

Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning


  • Clean outside cabinets/full inside cleaning
  • Clean outside of refrigerator/full inside cleaning
  • Clean cook top/stove surfaces
  • Wipe down of all appliances (polish stainless)
  • Wipe down & disinfect counter tops/sinks/back splash
  • Vacuum/Mop

General Living & Sleeping Areas

  • Dust/hand wipe all surfaces as needed
  • Vacuum all carpeted areas & floors
  • Vacuum/Wipe all shelving and closet areas
  • Remove cob-webs
  • Clean all baseboards/door frames
  • Wipe walls


  • Clean bathtubs, showers, sinks & surroundings
  • Clean toilets & surroundings
  • Clean mirrors
  • Vaccum/Mop

Please Note: Garages and other areas not listed should be discussed on the inital in-home estimate.