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In light of the past two years, there is no such thing as being too careful or “too clean.” As household sanitation and disinfecting has become more crucial now than ever before, do you have the time it takes to effectively protect your home and family? If you live near Bothell, WA, a house cleaning service might be the perfect solution for you. Here are three reasons to partner with one of the most professional house cleaning services Bothell has to offer.

House Cleaning Services in Bothell: 3 Reasons to Book a Scheduled Service

#1. Immaculate Cleaning & Disinfection Standards

Without the threat of a pandemic, it is still important to ensure your home is both completely clean and disinfected. From avoiding the unwanted arrival of insects and pests to providing a cleaner atmosphere for children and pets, there are many benefits behind a clean home.

Harmful viruses and bacteria can appear on any household surface. From doorknobs and light switches to appliances and counters, there are countless, high-touch areas around your home that must adhere to a regular cleaning and disinfection schedule.

#2. Transparency in Cleaning Solutions Used in Your Home

Have you searched for the safest and most effective cleaning products for your home? An exceptionally clean home begins with the use of environmentally consciences, housekeeping products and practices.

If any of our cleaning products do not meet with your approval, we will gladly substitute it with one provided by you. Keeping the environment within your home comfortable, clean, and safe for your family is our number one priority.

#3. Pet-Friendly Housekeepers with Pet-Safe Cleaning Products

Bothell, WA and the surrounding neighborhoods are home to many furry friends. If you are a proud pet owner, partner with a professional cleaning service that specializes in cleaning homes with pets and uses pet-safe cleaning products.

At Broomstick Cleaning, we are 100% staffed by pet-friendly employees and owners. Furthermore, we screen all our prospective employees to determine if they are comfortable, happy, and confident around pets. With Broomstick Cleaning, you can rest assured that your home and pets will be well cared for while we clean your home.


House Cleaning Services in Bothell, WA with Broomstick Cleaning

Every household’s needs are unique. Bathrooms and kitchens always need the most attention but bedrooms, offices and living areas need careful attention as well.

That’s why at Broomstick Cleaning, we offer completely customizable housekeeping services tailored to your specific cleaning needs. Throughout these uncertain times, our expert housekeepers at Broomstick Cleaning are doing everything possible to keep both clients and employees safe and healthy by strictly adhering to CDC guidelines.

With our customized plans, you also have the liberty to select the frequency of your regularly scheduled housekeeping package, such as:

  • Weekly
  • Two-Week Rotation
  • Three-Week Rotation
  • Four-Week Rotation

When looking for professional house cleaning services in Bothell, you and your family can trust in the workmanship and efficiency of our team. Locally owned and operated for more than 28 years, Broomstick Cleaning thrives on “Custom housekeeping with integrity and a smile.”

Our materials and equipment are state-of-the-art and proven effective through thousands of housekeeping services. Perfect for homes with pets, all our housekeepers are vetted for their love of animals and effectively use housekeeping materials that are pet friendly.

Our best, long-term client relationships always begin with an in-home consultation when we take extensive notes on each area of your home and provide a firm quote for the service you require.

For housekeeping services that will leave you spellbound, contact us today and request a free estimate!