Compliance Cleaning Services and COVID-19

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compliance cleaning services

compliance cleaning servicesThe Coronavirus changed life as we know it. When you answer the door to see a friend on the other side, what now do you do? Shake their hand? Give them a hug? Invite them inside? Unfortunately, what was commonplace a year ago is now few and far between. With elbow greetings and hand sanitizers at the front door, people are much more cognizant of who to let in and how to effectively keep everyone healthy.

With updated cleaning procedures and social distancing as the new normal, are you wondering how COVID-19 has affected our housekeeping services at Broomstick Cleaning? We explore the most current CDC guidelines and our promise to continue offering our compliance cleaning services.

Compliance Cleaning Services and COVID-19

With many businesses trying to adjust their services to this “new normal,” you might be asking, “What are the CDC Guidelines for Housekeeping Services?” Below is a comprehensive guide of all the guidelines recommended by the CDC for housekeeping services, cleaning procedures, and preventing the spread of germs and illness through social distancing practices.

Current Protocols for Housekeeping Services

  • The service provider must wear a mask while cleaning a client’s home.
  • Any household members present should also wear masks.
  • Maintain social distancing by staying at least 6 feet away from one another
  • Limit interactions between the service provider and other household members and pets.

Suggested Cleaning and Disinfecting Procedures and Guidelines

  • Wear reusable or disposable gloves for routine cleaning and disinfection.
  • Clean surfaces with detergent and water, or disinfectant general-purpose cleaner approved by the FDA for use on food preparation surfaces. Either will kill all germs and viruses.
  • Clean or launder items according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for 20 seconds.
  • If someone is sick in the household, the client should notify the housekeeper and reschedule for a time when the client household is at full health (and vice versa for the housekeeper).


Broomstick Cleaning: Our Promise to Compliance Cleaning Services

As environmentally responsible cleaners, our expert housekeepers at Broomstick Cleaning are doing everything possible to keep both clients and employees safe and healthy by strictly adhering to CDC guidelines above while making necessary adjustments as the guidelines change.

Every household’s need is unique. Bathrooms and kitchens always need the most attention but bedrooms, offices and living areas require careful attention as well. That’s why we offer completely customizable housekeeping services tailored to your specific cleaning needs.

With our customized plans, you also have the liberty to select the frequency of your regularly scheduled housekeeping package, such as:

  • Weekly
  • Two-Week Rotation
  • Three-Week Rotation
  • Four-Week Rotation

When looking for professional house cleaning services in Seattle, you and your family can trust in the workmanship and efficiency of our team. Locally owned and operated for more than 28 years, Broomstick Cleaning thrives on “Custom housekeeping with integrity and a smile.

Our materials and equipment are state-of-the-art and proven effective through thousands of housekeeping services. Perfect for homes with pets, all our housekeepers are vetted for their love of animals and effectively use housekeeping materials that are pet friendly.

Our best, long-term client relationships always begin with an in-home consultation when we take extensive notes on each area of your home and provide a firm quote for the service you require.

For housekeeping services that will leave you spellbound, contact us today and request a free estimate!