Kenmore House Cleaning Services

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Kenmore house cleaning services

kenmore house cleaning services

Kenmore House Cleaning Services: 3 Features To Consider

Aside from benefits including always having a clean home and eliminating stressful distractions in the home, regular cleaning offers many benefits. But, before reaping the benefits of house cleaning services, the first step is to find the best fit for your cleaning needs. Below, we explore the top three features to consider before booking.

#1. Flexible Scheduling

There might be times your home needs the extra help once a week, and others when you want house cleaning services on an as-needed basis. The best feature a house cleaning service should offer, other than pristine results, are their scheduling flexibility. After all, the cleaning service should be available as often as you need them to be.

Flexible scheduling for Kenmore house cleaning services commonly takes three forms:

One-Time-Only or As Needed

Often specializing in seasonal or deep cleanings, these services are excellent for one-off cleaning projects, including carpet cleanings, special occasions, and clean-ups before or after a move.

Routine Cleanings

70% of people report they don’t have enough time to clean their home properly. Routine cleanings allow clients to decide how often their home or office needs cleaning. This service best applies to those who don’t have the time or ability to keep their home tidy from day-to-day and can be used in place of hiring a dedicated independent housekeeper or maid.

Rotating Cleanings

With rotating schedules, homeowners can choose to alternate comprehensive deep cleanings with smaller, more focused cleanings. Rotating cleanings ensure that the cleanliness reached after deep clean stretches is maintained over a longer time.

#2. Team Consistency

Most customers prefer to see a familiar face cleaning their home; others don’t mind if a company sends a different cleaner every time. Ultimately, it’s important that the decision is up to you. Below are the three most common methods used to determine who cleans your home.

Random Cleaners

Some companies randomize which employee cleans your home based on their availability and your requested time of service. Doing so allows the company to send cleaners who have an adequate amount of time and training to complete the cleaning tasks at hand while serving you in a timely manner.

Regular Team

Another popular method house cleaning services utilize is assigning a cleaning team to your client account at the start of your partnership. This allows the team to become accustomed to the intricacies of your home and requested services. Another benefit of this method is that you, as the customer, can better develop a relationship with the cleaners coming into their home.

Customer Selection

Finally, many Kenmore house cleaning services offer customers to request certain cleaners right from the start and even give feedback on specific cleaners. Doing so allows the client to request a different team if any preferences change, ensuring that the customer is always happy about the crew.

#3. Contract Requirements

Contracts allow cleaning companies to get a commitment from customers to use their services for a set period. However, the detriment to such is that it could lock the client in on a contract they might not be able to uphold later due to financial, scheduling, or other conflicts.

Therefore, you have two options: contract or no contract. Decide which option best fits your situation, and then determine which pricing model you want to follow: hourly rates, a la carte rates, or set rates per package.


Top-Notch Kenmore House Cleaning Services with Broomstick Cleaning

Every household’s need is unique. Bathrooms and kitchens always need the most attention, but bedrooms, offices, and living areas require careful attention as well.

That’s why at Broomstick Cleaning, we offer completely customizable housekeeping services tailored to your specific cleaning needs. Throughout these uncertain times, our expert housekeepers at Broomstick Cleaning are doing everything possible to keep both clients and employees safe and healthy by strictly adhering to CDC guidelines.

With our customized plans, you also have the liberty to select the frequency of your regularly scheduled housekeeping package, such as:

  • Weekly
  • Two-Week Rotation
  • Three-Week Rotation
  • Four-Week Rotation

When looking for Kenmore house cleaning services, you and your family can trust our team’s workmanship and efficiency. Locally owned and operated for more than 28 years, Broomstick Cleaning thrives on “Custom housekeeping with integrity and a smile.”

Our materials and equipment are state-of-the-art and proven effective through thousands of housekeeping services. Perfect for homes with pets, all our housekeepers are vetted for their love of animals and effectively use housekeeping materials that are pet-friendly.

Our best, long-term client relationships always begin with an in-home consultation when we take extensive notes on each area of your home and provide a firm quote for the service you require.

For housekeeping services that will leave you spellbound, contact us today and request a free estimate!