Why You Should Hire a Local Housekeeper: Top 5 Reasons

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local housekeeper

local housekeeper

Do you need help with managing a chaotic schedule and household? With juggling work, school, and family life, there are many additional reasons why you should pass the broomstick to a professional. Below, we explore our top five reasons to book a local housekeeper today!

#1. You don’t have enough time or energy to clean your home.

Not a fan of scrubbing toilets, washing dishes, or mopping floors? Like most American households, chances are you would prefer to spend that time and energy elsewhere.

Fortunately, with the help of a local housekeeper, you don’t have to! With their available services, they can take care of the cleaning list, so you don’t have to cancel any other plans whether it’s a dinner date, soccer game, or Netflix movie night!

#2. You live in a house with multiple rooms to clean.

Regardless of if you typically enjoy cleaning, sometimes, a house feels too big for one person to clean on their own. However, with the help of a local housekeeper, you can get creative in delegating tasks!

If there are certain chores you don’t mind completing on your own, you can utilize the extra help in tackling the arduous tasks such as cleaning baseboards, dusting the blinds, and more.

#3. Housekeepers are experts in cleaning.

It can feel frustrating to have a roommate or partner only half-clean a room while you deep clean another. Thankfully, the help of a local housekeeper can eliminate the begrudging second attempts at cleaning the same room for a proper finish!

As experts in cleaning, local housekeepers know which high-touch surfaces require additional cleaning and are also aware of how to carefully clean fragile or unique items.

Housekeepers are also experts in disinfecting the surface and eliminating odors from corners or nooks that might otherwise gather dust. For a local housekeeper, tackling high-touch surfaces is second nature!

#4. Housekeepers will organize your home for you.

There’s a stark contrast to a clean home and an organized home. While your house might not showcase dusty countertops, stained carpets, and a mysterious odor from the garbage can, it may still need a refresh through organization.

A local housekeeper will be able to help you organize your home. They’ll know the best places for storing items, where to put things back when they’re done with them, and how to make it easier for you to find what you need at any given time.

#5. You can hire a local housekeeper on an as-needed basis.

Are you having guests over in the next day, and don’t have time to give the guest area a deep clean? Are you looking to move in or out of a new house? Did you recently have a baby and need an extra set of hands around the house? Local housekeepers offer flexible cleaning packages and come when you need them most.

With options including weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or once in a blue moon, local housekeepers are there for you when you need both a quick (and effective) clean-up appointment and a deep cleaning.

Ready to Partner with a Local Housekeeper? We can Help!

Whether you have days when cleaning standards are lower than normal, or you are in the mood to deep clean, regularly scheduled, super cleaning services will consistently deliver on their pristine cleaning and disinfection standards. As a result, they know where to look every time. From dusting your blinds to sanitizing light switches, you will feel like you live in a model home after their work is complete!

Every household’s need is unique. Bathrooms and kitchens always need the most attention but bedrooms, offices and living areas require careful attention as well.

That’s why at Broomstick Cleaning, we offer completely customizable, local housekeeping services tailored to your specific cleaning needs. Throughout these uncertain times, our expert housekeepers at Broomstick Cleaning are doing everything possible to keep both clients and employees safe and healthy by strictly adhering to CDC guidelines.

With our customized plans, you also have the liberty to select the frequency of your regularly scheduled housekeeping package, such as:

  • Weekly
  • Two-Week Rotation
  • Three-Week Rotation
  • Four-Week Rotation

When looking for house cleaning services in the greater Seattle area, you and your family can trust in the workmanship and efficiency of our team. Locally owned and operated for more than 28 years, Broomstick Cleaning thrives on “Custom housekeeping with integrity and a smile.”

Our materials and equipment are state-of-the-art and proven effective through thousands of housekeeping services. Perfect for homes with pets, all our housekeepers are vetted for their love of animals and effectively use housekeeping materials that are pet friendly.

Our best, long-term client relationships always begin with an in-home consultation when we take extensive notes on each area of your home and provide a firm quote for the service you require.

For housekeeping services that will leave you spellbound, contact us today and request a free estimate!


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