House Cleaning Services Woodway

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house cleaning services woodway

house cleaning services woodway

Cleaning your home is a huge and never-ending task! From bathrooms, offices, and bedrooms to your halls, basements, and kitchens, cleaning is often overwhelming. Sometimes, the hardest part about house cleaning is the fact that it is never completed – once the final room is sparkling, the first is covered in dust.

Don’t be discouraged! We’re here to offer a few tips and tricks that can help you clean less. Today’s tip is this: clean everything that needs to be cleaned. You might be surprised how many household items go unnoticed (and build dirt).

In the following content, we’ll explore 4 household items you didn’t know you needed to clean. Then, we’ll discuss one of the greatest tricks for cleaning less: Broomstick Cleaning Services.

Let’s jump in!

4 Household Items You Didn’t Know You Needed to Clean

1. The Dishwasher Filter

Some dishwashers have filters that need manual cleaning. If yours does too, make sure you clean it regularly. To properly clean your dishwasher filter, remove the bottom dishwasher rack, clean built-up debris from around the filter, and remove the filter. The filter can be rinsed with water. Be wary of using tough cleaning tools on the filter to free additional debris, because it can be easily damaged.

2. Under Your Stovetop

Yes! We said under your stovetop! Did you know that most stovetops can lift, allowing easy under-stovetop cleaning? Give it a try, and incorporate under-stovetop cleaning into your stove cleaning routine. Use baking soda and water for best results.

3. The Washing Machine Filter

Did you know that your washing machine might have a little filter that serves a similar purpose as the lint filter on your direr? Cleaning out your washing machine filter regularly will help your machine function at 100% capacity. To find your filter, check your owner’s manual or look in one of four common places helpfully listed by Family Handyman:

  • In the front of the unit behind a small hatch
  • At the end of the drainage hose.
  • Under the cover of your center agitator.
  • Along the top rim of the drum of your washing machine.

If you still can’t find it, it’s possible that your washing machine doesn’t have a filter at all, as is sometimes the case in newer washing machines.

4. Your Coffee Maker

Your coffee maker should be cleaned after every use – simply empty used grounds and rinse the carafe, lid, brew basket, etc. Beyond a daily wash, however, coffee makers should be deep cleaned every three months to remove mineral deposits. This is also an easy process! First, run vinegar and water through a brew cycle, allowing it to sit for a few minutes. Then, run two brew cycles with water to rinse and wash all removable parts with hot, soapy water.

House Cleaning Services in Woodway With Broomstick Cleaning

Your dishwasher filter, stovetop, washing machine filter, and coffee maker are only a sample of the many commonly forgotten household items that need to be cleaned! Sometimes, it’s easiest to delegate to local, affordable experts.

At Broomstick Cleaning Services, we offer customizable housekeeping services tailored to the unique needs of your home. We strive to keep our employees and clients safe, always adhering to CDC guidelines.

Depending on your needs, we offer a variety of housekeeping packages – from regularly scheduled cleanings to special occasion cleanings.

Our best client relationships begin with an in-home consultation where we take thorough notes and offer a set quote for the services you need.

Best of all, our estimates are FREE, so why not give us a ring? You can easily contact us through our online form. We look forward to starting a conversation!