Most people reading this will have reviewed marketing information from a number of the Seattle area house cleaning companies that exist today. The ones that are visible in the market all “have the ultimate cleaning system” and usually include long lists of the things that they will do when they clean your home. We can provide similar lists as well. However, those written lists do not speak to what are the most important aspects of what makes for a quality, personalized housekeeping relationship. Here’s what we think does:


In its most common use in the English language, it is a reference to the ethics of a person or organization. In this context, integrity is regarded as the honesty and truthfulness or accuracy of one’s actions or statements. At Broomstick we see it as the hallmark of our company. We simply do what we say we will do every time. Our company slogan is: “Affordable custom housekeeping with integrity and a smile.” We stand behind that slogan every day with quality house cleaners in Bellevue, to Edmonds House Cleaning (and to the north a little farther), to Seattle Cleaning and Maid Service. We complete it how and when we say it will be by people that have a great attitude about cleaning, take pride in a job well done, and get personal satisfaction from making a positive contribution to the lives of our client families.

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We are not a franchise. We are locally owned; focused only on the housekeeping needs of families in the Greater Seattle area and have served this market for over twenty years. Our principles and methods are our own – not something we paid for when we bought a franchise. We are committed to our client families well being and have the client references to prove it. A number of our existing clients have been with Broomstick since the beginning and we are an A+ rated member of the Better Business Bureau of Western Washington. We believe in the BBB slogan, “Start with trust” We are fully insured and run a totally above board company that provides employee withholding and pays all of its state and federal taxes. If you believe that having complete trust in the people you allow in your home is important, look no further for a housekeeping provider. Your house keys, access codes, belongings, homes and most importantly your families’ safety and security will be in good hands at Broomstick. Our years of service speak to it, our clients speak to it and we guarantee it.


Every Broomstick client is viewed by us as an individual family that has its own make up, personality, and requirements for a satisfying, successful; housekeeping relationship. We take great pains in establishing that relationship beginning with our initial consultation with you in your home when we take detailed notes regarding your home, your family and your specific requirements. Going forward we maintain files containing the details of each clients requirements, all written correspondence and notes on important verbal communication. You are the client. What you want is what matters most at Broomstick.


A successful and enduring housekeeping relationship requires excellent communication. We are available by voice, text, or email from 7:00 AM until 7:00 pm Monday through Friday and from 9:00 until noon on Saturdays. All of our employed housekeepers speak and read English and are in part selected for their ability to communicate effectively with our clients and us so, written notes left for your team are fine. An owner is always available to talk to and we check emails throughout every day.


The way we see it, there are two groups of people that are important at Broomstick; our clients and our employees. Each member of these two groups is treated with respect and dignity and considered part of our family. Our formula for a successful company is simple; happy, well treated thoroughly trained employees make for happy, contented, long term clients.


Each of our housekeepers is selected for their integrity, work ethic, friendly personality, reliability, love of animals and ability to work cohesively as part of a team. We run a thorough background check and check their references before they are welcomed into our tight-knit family as a housekeeper in training. They are thoroughly trained and their work strictly overseen by qualified supervision until they have proven to be a fully committed and knowledgeable participant in the production of high-quality housekeeping. Not occasionally, not sometimes, not even most of the time but on every assignment. Additionally, they are compensated on a profit-sharing basis and awarded quarterly bonuses for consistently outstanding work.


We have conducted extensive research which when combined with twenty years of experience has led us to our systemized approach to housekeeping, the cleaning materials we use and the equipment we use. We believe it to be the most efficient and comprehensive approach in the market. If you want all the details, just call us or visit our website.


Like most North Westerners, especially around the greater Seattle area and Bellevue, we maintain a healthy respect for our ecosystem. We utilize methods and materials that minimize the use of chemicals, incorporate biodegradable EPA approved cleaning solutions, allow for recycling or reuse, prevent interior air pollution and minimize to the extent possible energy consumption. However, the concern of many Bellevue citizens regarding environmental pollution has created all kinds of products sold to the consumer under the banner of “green” that are very simply ineffective as cleaning agents not to mention more expensive than other products. Stipulations by competitors that they use only their own brand of green cleaning solutions or that they are “Green Seal certified” do not speak to the effectiveness of the materials or methods they incorporate in cleaning your home. Our first mission is to deliver a truly clean home to our clients. In that regard, we use bleach-based solutions or compounds to clean toilets and eradicate mold in bathrooms. We simply have not found anything as effective in sanitizing bathrooms and eliminating bacteria, germs and mold spores. At a customer’s request, we will use whatever they provide as a substitute as long as they are satisfied with the results. We also retain the federally required Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) on all cleaning solutions and products we use. These documents are essentially legal testimony to the safety of and potential hazards associated with all manufactured products legally sold in the U.S.

So, if you have housekeeping service, but are tired of not knowing who will show up, or mediocre to poor quality results or if you’ve always wanted housekeeping service but were concerned about the integrity of the company or people who you would entrust with your home and possessions look no further. Broomstick Cleaning is just who you’ve been looking for.


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