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We Love Your Furry Family Members!

Call us for regularly scheduled pet-friendly cleaning services in the Kirkland, Bothell , Shoreline, Lynnwood, Seattle and WA Area.

“More than just Pet-Friendly, we Love Pets and take good care of ours and yours”

There’s “Pet-friendly” and then there’s “Pet Enthusiast”! At Broomstick Cleaning, we fall into the latter category. When we think of the phrase “Pet-Friendly,” it has a ring to it of being accepting and passable, but not necessarily very excited about it. We emphasize our joy with life’s fuzzy critters by offering House Cleaning in Edmonds, Seattle, Bellevue, and around that embraces working around and with Pets.

Our Personal Journey as Pet Owners

We, the owners of Broomstick Cleaning, both own and love dogs and cats and are very attuned to cleaning around and “with” them. We have a big dog, so we really understand the joys and messes of living with larger Canines. Who needs a house cleaner more than pet owners? 🙂

Pet Friendly House Cleaning Service in Seattle and Beyond

Another aspect of being a pet friendly house cleaning service is making sure your employees are as well. We screen all of our prospective employees to determine if they are comfortable, happy, and confident around pets. Broomstick Cleaning is 100% Staffed by Pet-Friendly Employees and Owners. As pet owners, we understand that your pet is a dearly loved family member. So, it just made sense that we would staff our company with employees who felt the same way.

With Broomstick Housekeeping Service you can be sure your home will be well cared for and with your guidance, so will your pets while we are in their home.

Maintaining Pet Friendly House Cleaning Guidelines

As already stated, We are very happy to work around and “with” pets while we care for your home. However, it is important that you make us aware of your pet’s behavior toward non-family members and the best way for us to interact and whatever limitations or circumstance you provide for your pet when you are not at home. I.E.: “Our cat is not allowed outdoors” or “It always helps to give our dog a treat when you first come in” or “our dog is confined to the laundry room when we are at work.”

Having a clear understanding right from the beginning helps us to establish a good relationship with your pet and a great, long-term relationship with you.

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– Lynnwood, WA

The cleaners came today and Mom said she was laughing because she hadn’t known how dirty things had gotten till she came back and all her crystal was all sparkly-clean!

broomstick seattle wa

Vicky, J
– Seattle, WA

Liz, the owner, has always taken a very personal interest in our family’s well being while making sure our home is as clean as a whistle. I just love coming home after Broomstick has been here!

broomstick seattle wa

Patty, E
– Kirkland, WA

Broomstick does an amazing job cleaning my house. I really appreciate the attention to detail, the efficiency, and the initiative taken in figuring out what needs to be done.