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Do You Want an Unbelievably Clean Home?

What we can help you achieve

Whether its spring cleaning time or just time to really dig in and get your home really clean our Super Cleaning Service is just the ticket. We offer this service on both a one time basis as well as for our clients using our regularly scheduled cleaning program.

In addition to the standard list of tasks for regularly scheduled cleaning service, additional time doing projects that are not usually included can be addressed; Among others all or some of the following might be included in a Super Cleaning:

  • Cleaning baseboards
  • Electrical outlets/light fixtures
  • Moving larger furniture, clean under and around
  • Wipe down exterior of all cabinets
  • Clean inside of refrigerator
  • Clean ovens
  • Wipe down all woodwork and doors
  • Interior of windows (where accessible with a 2 step stool)
  • Tidy and clean interior of kitchen cabinets and drawers
  • Spot cleaning of walls and ceiling

How Does Super Cleaning Clear up allergies?

You have probably already realized that dust, mold, pollen, and pet hair already roam rent-free in your home. When left unchecked, these nuisances can cause big problems for those with hay fever or asthma.

Our allergy house cleaning services go beyond just tidying up the house. Deep cleaning is necessary to allergy-proof your space. Sometimes this includes installing new flooring or re-painting walls if you’re looking for every opportunity to be allergy-proof on a more permanent level. This involves cleaning often neglected areas that collect dust, such as walls, baseboards, ceiling fans, window panes, and much more.

If you’re due for intense cleaning, enlisting help from a professional one-time allergy house cleaning service can get you back on track and ready to tackle allergy season.

Can Cleaning My Own Home Make Allergies Worse?

While a thorough cleaning of your home is designed to rid spaces of allergens, sometimes improper cleaning may worsen allergies before they get better. Careless cleaning spreads dust around and chemical fumes into the air, irritating those with bad allergies. A professional service can come in handy here to ensure cleaning is helpful, not harmful.

Here are a few tips if you’re looking to start getting some cleaning done yourself:

  • Clean out vacuums, brooms, and mops so you don’t drag
  • Certain fragrances or chemicals in cleaning products may irritate some. Try using all-natural products or using natural cleaning solutions such as vinegar.
  • Use damp clothes when dusting. Dry dusters just end up lifting dust back into the air.
  • If you’re washing carpets or upholstered furniture, make sure the area is dried completely so mold won’t grow.
  • When all else fails, wearing a mask while cleaning can help when lifting up dirt, mold, and mites from carpeting.

Allergy House Cleaning Services in Seattle

Sure your house has been clean, but has it ever been super clean? If you haven’t experienced the relief of clearing your home of allergens in years, then this is your wake-up call. The good news is that if the above tasks sound too daunting to tackle within your home, we’re here to help.

Broomstick Cleaning will not only completely clean every inch, but will also provide guidance on how you can maintain a clean space. We’re mindful of the products and techniques we use so we help relieve your allergies, not worsen them. Learn more about our happy customers’ experiences, and contact us today!

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– Lynnwood, WA

The cleaners came today and Mom said she was laughing because she hadn’t known how dirty things had gotten till she came back and all her crystal was all sparkly-clean!

broomstick seattle wa

Vicky, J
– Seattle, WA

Liz, the owner, has always taken a very personal interest in our family’s well being while making sure our home is as clean as a whistle. I just love coming home after Broomstick has been here!

broomstick seattle wa

Patty, E
– Kirkland, WA

Broomstick does an amazing job cleaning my house. I really appreciate the attention to detail, the efficiency, and the initiative taken in figuring out what needs to be done.